What Is A Fund Of Funds? How Does It Work?

Fund Of Funds

Are you curious about “the fund of funds“? Probably, you must have understood a bit through its name. However, if you are unfamiliar with the term and want to gain sufficient knowledge to help you make an investment decision, read the following article. Let’s start with the definition and meaning …

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What Are Arbitrage Funds? Meaning, Features & More

Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage refers to a market activity in which a security, commodity, currency or other tradable item is bought in one market and sold simultaneously in another, to profit from price differences between the markets. Many investment experts believe this practice is good for generating profits. Investors who don’t have the …

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Equity Savings Funds: Complete Overview

Equity Savings Funds

Want to beat inflation but still sleep soundly at night? Well, equity savings funds might be the answer. These hybrid funds offer a balanced approach to strike a balance between growth and stability. But wait… what sets them apart from other hybrid funds? Give a read to this comprehensive article to …

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Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds: Comprehensive Guide

Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds

In a world of uncertain markets, hybrid funds try to strike a balance between risk and returns. However, a predefined asset allocation can’t do it for long. There comes dynamic asset allocation funds. This article will help you understand how dynamic investment strategy sets these funds apart from other hybrid …

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Multi Asset Allocation Funds: An Overview

Multi Asset Allocation Funds

Do you want a single investment option that offers a balanced exposure to multiple asset classes? It’s a multi-asset allocation fund. Are you interested to know more about these funds? Let’s discuss their meaning, definition, top features, pros & cons, etc., to help you grasp a deeper understanding! Multi Asset …

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Balanced Hybrid Funds: Comprehensive Guide

Balanced Hybrid Funds

Many investors seek dual investment objectives while maintaining a low-risk appetite. Balanced hybrid funds can offer them a good investment opportunity under a single investment vehicle. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the important aspects of balanced hybrid funds. Note– This guide is for educational purposes and should not …

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Conservative Allocation Funds: Overview + FAQs

Conservative Allocation Funds

While categorized as hybrid funds,┬áconservative allocation funds closely resemble debt funds due to their high investment in fixed-income instruments. For a detailed understanding of conservative allocation funds, let’s discuss the definition, features, important aspects and FAQs of these funds. Definition & Meaning Of Conservative Allocation Funds Conservative allocation funds are …

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Aggressive Allocation Funds: Comprehensive Guide

Aggressive Allocation Funds

Aggressive Allocation Funds, a category of hybrid mutual funds, are tailored for investors seeking an equity-oriented approach with a touch of conservatism. Here in this article, we will discuss important aspects of aggressive allocation funds to help you determine whether these funds are a good choice for you or not. …

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What Are Hybrid Funds? + Their Types

Hybrid Funds

Mutual funds are a good choice for investors who don’t have enough time to conduct their own investment research. Additionally, considering different investor needs, mutual funds offer multiple options for different types of investors. Here in this article, we will be discussing hybrid funds which cater to a specific type …

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Fixed Maturity Plans Explained!

Fixed Maturity Plans

Most debt mutual funds do not have a lock-in period. For this reason, managers have to maintain the cash flows & liquidity of the fund. Consequently, they may not allocate investments optimally to maximize returns. Fixed maturity plans, on the other hand, bypass this limitation. These debt-oriented schemes (FMPs) are …

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