Short-Duration Funds: Meaning, Best Schemes, Risks & Returns

Short-Duration Funds

Many investors may find it confusing to distinguish between different categories of debt mutual funds. For example, short-duration funds are sometimes mistaken for low-duration funds. In this article, we will discuss short-duration funds, their advantages, risks and returns & how they differ from low-duration funds. Keep reading! What Are Short-Duration …

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Low Duration Funds: Comprehensive Overview + FAQs

Low Duration Funds

SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India) has categorised debt mutual funds into various categories, each with defined characteristics. It enables investors to choose a mutual fund according to specific needs easily. Low-duration funds are a sub-category of debt mutual funds. This article offers a comprehensive overview of “low-duration mutual funds” …

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Ultra Short-Term Funds: Meaning, Advantages & Risks

Ultra Short-Term Funds

Debt mutual funds have various categories. Each of these categories serves specific purposes. An Ultra Short-Term Fund is tailored for risk-averse investors who have a very short-term investment horizon. In this article, we will enquire about what are ultra short-term funds, their advantages, risks, returns & common doubts. What Are …

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Overnight Funds: Meaning, Best Funds, Returns & FAQs

Overnight Funds

Have you ever borrowed money from a friend just before a salary day? You promise to repay them the very next day. This scenario mirrors the concept behind overnight funds in the world of finance. This article will help you delve deeper into the mechanics of overnight funds, exploring their …

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What Is A Debt Fund? Complete Overview + FAQs Answered!

Debt Funds

Imagine you have worked hard and saved up a good amount of money. You want to find a way to make your money generate better returns than a savings account without taking too much risk. A debt fund may be a good option for you. This article will help you …

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Focused Mutual Funds: Meaning, Advantages & More

Focused Mutual Funds

Focus is a powerful tool to fetch extraordinary results. When the focus is concentrated over a limited spectrum, it can produce incomparable outcomes. Focused mutual funds utilize the power of focus by investing in a select number of companies, setting them apart from their more diversified counterparts. Let’s understand more …

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Value Funds: Meaning, Returns, Risks & More

Value Funds

Have you ever bought a product that made you think “It is so cheap for the value it offers”? If so, you have experienced a glimpse of the concept behind ‘value investing’. Value funds use the same strategy of ‘value investing’ with the aim of acquiring undervalued financial assets below …

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What Is A Sector Fund? Overview, Examples & FAQs!

Sector funds

“Sector Funds” stand tall as the unsung heroes of the financial world. These funds allow you to laser-focus your money on specific industries and capitalize on emerging trends. This easy-to-digest guide will help you deepen your understanding of sectoral funds. So, without any unnecessary bragging, let’s get started! Sectoral Or …

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What Are Large-Cap Funds? Comprehensive Overview + FAQs!

Large-cap Funds

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of investments, one asset class has consistently proven its resilience and ability to weather market storms – large-cap funds. This dedicated article on large-cap funds is tailored for readers seeking a comprehensive overview of large-cap mutual funds. Keep reading! Large-cap Funds – Meaning & …

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What is Mid-Cap Fund? Complete Guide + FAQs Answered!

Mid-Cap Funds

Many investors seek the elusive ‘just right’ balance in their investment portfolios. Not too big, not too small, mid-cap mutual funds are perfectly positioned for steady growth. These unpretentious funds hold the potential to deliver significant returns, striking a balance between stability and growth. Keep reading to learn why mid-cap …

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