What Is ELSS Fund? Features, Benefits & More

ELSS Mutual Funds

Do you wish to save taxes on your earnings while exploring the potential for higher returns? Look no further! In the realm of tax-saving investments, ELSS Funds are the powerhouses of tax saving. In this article, we will take to you through the journey of ELSS Funds unpacking the features, …

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SWP in Mutual Funds: Full Explanation

SWP in mutual funds

Are you one of those investors who are looking for a regular income stream from their mutual fund investments? SWP can be a good option rather than selling a lump sum of mutual fund units which may have adverse tax implications or market timing risks. In the following guide, we …

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What Is STP in Mutual Fund? How does it Work?

STP in Mutual funds

Most mutual fund investors know about Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) but only a few know about Systematic Transfer Plans (STPs). A Systematic Transfer Plan is a fantastic facility provided by mutual fund companies. An investor can take advantage of the distinct features of STPs in multiple ways. The following guide …

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What Is Flexi Cap Fund? Everything You Need to Know!

FlexiCap Funds

Flexibility is the liberating force that propels us beyond limitations and opens doors to new horizons. It is the catalyst for progress, yet demands intelligent decision-making and adaptability. In the world of investments, flexi-cap funds embrace flexibility like no other. These funds offer the flexibility to navigate various market segments, …

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What Are Liquid Funds? [Learn Everything!]

Liquid Funds

Life is full of surprises. Unexpected financial needs can arise anytime. Having your money invested can trouble you accessing it quickly or may lead to penalties. Hence, you need to be prepared with a smart financial strategy that includes liquid funds. “Liquid funds” – one of the popular investment options …

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What Are Gilt Funds? – Clear All Your Doubts!

gilt funds

You are probably here because you discovered a new term called “Gilt funds“. Gilt funds are a fascinating investing option that often flies under the radar leaving many investors unaware of their potential benefits. In this guide, we will help you explore all the information you need to understand gilt …

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How To Choose Best Mutual Fund Scheme [In 4 Steps]

No. 7 is the best size for my shoe but it may not be the same case for you. Wait! this post is not about shoes rather the earlier statement only tries to convince you that “best” and “worst” are two relative terms. Similarly, choosing the best mutual fund is …

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Different Types of Mutual Funds In India

Types of mutual funds

Imagine, you decide to start a SIP investment in mutual funds but feel overwhelmed when you see hundreds of types of mutual funds in the market. The situation becomes even more challenging if your knowledge of mutual funds is limited. In this situation, it is better to take a step …

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How To Open SIP Account? [A Detailed Guide]

Open SIP Account

Are you ready to start your journey to achieve financial success through SIP investments? If so, you must open a SIP account to invest in Mutual funds. Discover the different ways to open a SIP account in India. But wait! Before you open a SIP Account, it is essential to …

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How to Start SIP Investment [A Beginner’s Guide]

how to start SIP investments

Have you got an idea to start investing through SIPs? Well, it’s an excellent idea to grow your wealth. However, it’s essential to have a basic understanding before starting your investment journey. Starting an investment in SIPs involves only a few steps & you are ready to go! But making …

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