How To Open SIP Account? [A Detailed Guide]

Open SIP Account

Are you ready to start your journey to achieve financial success through SIP investments? If so, you must open a SIP account to invest in Mutual funds. Discover the different ways to open a SIP account in India. But wait! Before you open a SIP Account, it is essential to …

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How to Start SIP Investment [A Beginner’s Guide]

how to start SIP investments

Have you got an idea to start investing through SIPs? Well, it’s an excellent idea to grow your wealth. However, it’s essential to have a basic understanding before starting your investment journey. Starting an investment in SIPs involves only a few steps & you are ready to go! But making …

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Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2025 In India

Penny Stocks

A penny stock always attracts people because of its low face value. While investing in a penny stock involves higher levels of risk, investors try to find one having the potential of being a multi-bagger penny stock. Important Disclaimer: This post is not investment advice. The sole purpose of this …

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Gold Mutual Fund Vs Gold ETF- What is the Difference?

Gold has always been considered a good investment option. Earlier, people used to buy gold in physical form but today there are many indirect ways of investing in gold. Gold mutual funds and gold ETFs are two indirect ways for investors to invest in gold. However, there are several key …

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Discover Your Money Blocks & Learn How to Remove Them

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in thoughts about financial abundance. Are you struggling with financial abundance? Money blocks might be holding you back. Do you ever notice the blockages that limit you from taking control of your finances? Maybe you are not well aware of this. Sometimes it can …

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60 20 20 Rule Of Budgeting – Implementation & Mistakes

60-20-20 Budget Rule

Optimize your spending, increase your savings, and achieve your financial goals by using the game-changing 60 20 20 rule of budgeting. It is a simple yet powerful strategy which can simplify the overwhelming process of budgeting. This rule of budgeting has transformed the lives of thousands of people. If you …

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Can You use SBI Demat Account in Zerodha?

SBI Demat In Zerodha

You need to open a Demat account along with a trading account to start investing or trading. A trading account helps you buy or sell financial securities & a Demat account holds your securities in digital format. Let’s say you have a Demat account with a broker. All of a …

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Equity vs Debt vs Hybrid Funds – What is the Difference?

Equity vs Debt vs Hybrid

Are you confused between Equity, Debt, and Hybrid funds? Of course, you are! That is why you are here! No worries, in this differentiating guide, we will discuss the fundamental differences between these three. Additionally, we will also discuss some other doubts that can arise in your mind. First of …

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What Is A Dividend Policy? Types & Determinants

Dividend Policy is an important aspect of investing in stocks. It can affect your investments and also returns. So, if you are new to investment, understanding dividend policy is essential for you. Well, This beginner-friendly guide will provide you with an easy explanation of what it is and why it …

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