IPO vs FPO vs OFS – Key Differences Explained!


Are you confused about the differences between IPO, FPO and OFS? Our comprehensive guide on IPO vs FPO vs OFS will help you understand the key differences! By the way, all three of them are popular ways of investing in a company’s future growth. Whether you are a seasoned investor …

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What is a Short-term Fixed Deposit? Benefits & Risks

Are you interested in a low-risk way to invest your hard-earned money? The Short-term Fixed Deposit can be a great way to start with. Many people find it a safe way to earn extra income from their savings. Well, a fixed deposit has always been a popular way of investment …

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What Is IDV in Insurance & Why it is important?

Understanding the terminology is a very crucial part before you make a decision to spend your money on an insurance policy. IDV in Insurance is one of the critical terms which needs to be understood correctly. Basically, IDV is used in motor insurance such as bike insurance, car insurance etc. …

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