What Is Indexation And How To Calculate It?

What is Indexation

Inflation erodes the purchasing power of money over time. In simple terms, the same amount of money will buy fewer goods or services in the future. Indexation is a powerful tool to estimate purchasing power changes and adjust against inflation levels. It is a beneficial method for investors to estimate …

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How To Choose Best Mutual Fund Scheme [In 4 Steps]

No. 7 is the best size for my shoe but it may not be the same case for you. Wait! this post is not about shoes rather the earlier statement only tries to convince you that “best” and “worst” are two relative terms. Similarly, choosing the best mutual fund is …

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Discover Your Money Blocks & Learn How to Remove Them

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in thoughts about financial abundance. Are you struggling with financial abundance? Money blocks might be holding you back. Do you ever notice the blockages that limit you from taking control of your finances? Maybe you are not well aware of this. Sometimes it can …

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Can You use SBI Demat Account in Zerodha?

SBI Demat In Zerodha

You need to open a Demat account along with a trading account to start investing or trading. A trading account helps you buy or sell financial securities & a Demat account holds your securities in digital format. Let’s say you have a Demat account with a broker. All of a …

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