Floater Funds: Comprehensive guide + FAQs

Floater Funds

Interest rate risk is one of the chief risks in debt funds. floater funds can be a suitable option for those looking to cope with interest rate fluctuations. These funds are also known as floating-rate funds. Here in this guide, we will discuss various aspects of floater funds to help …

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Banking And PSU Funds – Overview + FAQs!

Banking & PSU Funds

Rather than depositing your money in a bank, considering a banking & PSU fund might yield more satisfying returns than traditional bank deposits. In this dedicated guide on ‘banking and PSU funds’, we will discuss the features and various aspects to help you decide if they are a good alternative …

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Credit Risk Funds – [Overview + Guide]

Credit Risk Funds

In the world of investments, risk is an inherent factor that influences the potential for decent returns. Credit risk funds, while inherently riskier than other debt funds, offer the possibility of generating higher returns. This dedicated guide on credit risk funds discusses their various aspects to help you understand their …

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Corporate Bond Funds – Complete Overview!

Corporate Bond Funds - Banner

Individuals and organizations alike seek multiple ways to save money. Corporations, for instance, achieve savings by issuing bonds. But how? Borrowing from banks typically comes with higher interest rates, making bonds an economically attractive alternative for them. Mutual funds that allocate a minimum of 80% of their assets to corporate …

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Dynamic Bond Funds (Comprehensive Guide + FAQs)

Dynamic Bond Fund - Banner

Dynamic Bond Funds serve as a strategic tool for investors seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of interest rates in the bond market. Fund managers of these funds go the extra mile to seek out optimal returns in this dynamic environment. This comprehensive guide will discuss various aspects of dynamic …

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Money Market Funds – Risks, Returns & FAQs

Money Market Funds - Banner

Investors with a low-risk appetite always look for investment options that can offer easy access to their capital and help them earn a better profit than a traditional savings account. In this article, we will discuss one of the debt-oriented investment options, ‘money market funds‘ that come with the features …

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Long Duration Funds: Definition, Advantages & Risks

Long Duration Funds

Investments do better in the long term if we consider the power of compounding. Just like equity funds, debt mutual funds also offer investment opportunities for long-term investment horizons. In this post, we’ll explore a category of debt funds that is tailored for investors who want to invest in fixed-income …

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Medium To Long Duration Funds: Complete Overview

Medium To Long Duration Funds

Do you want to gain knowledge about medium to long-duration funds? Maybe, you are here for the same. These funds offer a unique way to invest your money, aiming to strike a balance between risk and reward. Well! This article presents an overview of medium to long-duration funds, examples, their …

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Medium Duration Funds: Definition, Risks & Returns

Medium Duration Funds

The debt market is a place to buy & sell loans in the form of debt securities. These loans come with a diverse range of maturity durations, each offering distinct interest rates. Medium-duration funds majorly invest in debt securities with medium maturity durations. Well! This article will help you gain …

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Short-Duration Funds: Meaning, Best Schemes, Risks & Returns

Short-Duration Funds

Many investors may find it confusing to distinguish between different categories of debt mutual funds. For example, short-duration funds are sometimes mistaken for low-duration funds. In this article, we will discuss short-duration funds, their advantages, risks and returns & how they differ from low-duration funds. Keep reading! What Are Short-Duration …

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