What Is Indexation And How To Calculate It?

What is Indexation

Inflation erodes the purchasing power of money over time. In simple terms, the same amount of money will buy fewer goods or services in the future. Indexation is a powerful tool to estimate purchasing power changes and adjust against inflation levels. It is a beneficial method for investors to estimate …

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11+ Practical Tips To Save Money From Salary

Save Money From Salary

What a great moment when a message says, “Your account is credited by XYZ amount”. Right in the next moment, you start wondering, “can I save any money with this amount?” If the salary is relatively low, saving money becomes even more challenging. No worries, with some practical & intelligent …

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Discover Your Money Blocks & Learn How to Remove Them

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in thoughts about financial abundance. Are you struggling with financial abundance? Money blocks might be holding you back. Do you ever notice the blockages that limit you from taking control of your finances? Maybe you are not well aware of this. Sometimes it can …

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60 20 20 Rule Of Budgeting – Implementation & Mistakes

60-20-20 Budget Rule

Optimize your spending, increase your savings, and achieve your financial goals by using the game-changing 60 20 20 rule of budgeting. It is a simple yet powerful strategy which can simplify the overwhelming process of budgeting. This rule of budgeting has transformed the lives of thousands of people. If you …

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