Discover Your Money Blocks & Learn How to Remove Them

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in thoughts about financial abundance. Are you struggling with financial abundance? Money blocks might be holding you back.

Do you ever notice the blockages that limit you from taking control of your finances? Maybe you are not well aware of this. Sometimes it can take longer to realize it.

But as soon as you find yourself to be a victim of money blocks, you must find a fix!

Here in this guide, we will be discussing some common money blocks and tips to release them away.

What are Money Blocks?

There is no clear-cut definition of money blocks. Despite this, it is very easy to understand what they are.

Money blocks are thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and mindsets which limit someone’s potential to achieve desired financial success.

At one point in life or another, everyone is impacted by money blocks and this is a real thing. If you are putting in enormous efforts but getting nowhere, you probably have money blocks.

Don’t worry! this post will help you discover if you have any of the money blocks. Plus, you will get to know how to release them.

Know Some Common Money Blocks

Here are some common money blocks or blockages you might be a victim of. You must identify them to remove them successfully.

1. Negative Utterances

Many utterances can work as money blocks. It might be possible that these sentences are planted in you by people around you.

  1. Money is the root cause of all evil.
  2. You don’t deserve to be rich.
  3. You are not good with money.
  4. Rich people are selfish and greedy.
  5. You will never be able to make enough money.
  6. You can’t work hard to make money.
  7. Money is too complicated.
  8. Money is a limited resource.
  9. You are not lucky enough.
  10. You are not worthy of financial success.

Solution: Give them a thought if they are facts or myths. While they are myths, you can perceive some of them as facts. If this happens so, start looking for facts and resources that debunk these myths. Then start reversing your views. Give yourself some time and witness the change.

2. Negative Self Talk

Self-talk is a basic feature of human beings. We talk to ourselves more than we do with others. But have you ever paid attention to the quality of self-talk? Is it negative or positive?

There is an important quote that says “Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.” Hence, the quality of self-talk is a deciding factor in your life so you must pay attention to it.

There are chances your negative self-talk is a barrier to financial abundance. Maybe this negative self-talk is based on real experiences. But if they are holding you back, you need to remove them.

Solution: Face your fears and defeat them. Build small goals and achieve them one by one. This will build up confidence in you. Building self-confidence is a good way to get rid of negative self-talk.

Read self-help books and case studies on conquering negative self-talk. Try and practice positive self-talk and affirmations.

3. Not Setting Crystal Clear Goals

If you do not know what are your end goals, how would you reach there? Everyone has a different definition of success. What is yours?

Not setting crystal clear goals can work as a money block. You will find yourself some excuses and think about why things are not working. You will only be wasting your time on less important things.

Solution: Set crystal clear, realistic and specific goals that will move you forward towards desired outcomes. Also, set the timelines for your goals. Keep track of the progress using notes, spreadsheets or any app.

4. Emotional Money Blocks

Our emotions are very powerful. They can help us do something extraordinary. In contrast, they also can prevent us from achieving our goals.

There might be some emotional blocks that may or may not be related to your financial goals. But eventually, they can affect your money goals.

You might be holding some jealousy or anger for someone that blocks your attention from your goals. It can also be possible that you hold grudges about your previous mistakes. If this is the case, you should immediately fix it.

Solution: Forgive yourself and others you hold emotional grudges about. You can practice affirmations like; “I forgive myself and others for everything”. It seems difficult but gradually becomes easy.

Gratitude is another good way of releasing negative emotions for yourself and others. You can adopt an optimistic approach and try to see the positives.

5. Wrong Management of Finances

Oh, O! This is not a money block. It is a mistake I say. Not managing your finances correctly can not lead to your financial success.

If you do not pay attention to your spending, debt management etc, you will find yourself stuck. This type of mistake is done by almost everyone but as soon as you discover your mistake, you must start working on it.

Solution: Create a financial routine and keep a check on it. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from friends and family members how to manage finances well. Adjust your strategies if needed to find out the best suitable for you.

Final Words

Removing money blocks is a crucial step towards achieving financial abundance and freedom. These blocks can hold us back from realizing our full potential.

By identifying and overcoming these limiting beliefs and negative patterns, we can unlock our true potential and create a life full of abundance and prosperity.

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